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Liese Stanley often walks the local coastline picking up beach finds to turn into art.  If you are imagining traditional shell, driftwood and pebble art pieces found in so many coastal shops and galleries, think again.This art is textural and multi-layered and made from tidewrack.

Tidewrack is marine litter, accidentally or deliberately released into open water. Although it may contain naturally occurring debris; feathers, driftwood, shells etc, the majority is man made, discarded items. These range from cotton bud sticks to McDonald toys, from bottle tops to fishing hooks, from Christmas decorations to ceramics.
Put together in various colourways, the result is impressive and not what you would necessarily expect at first glance.  
The pieces draw people in, encourages them to think about the content and gently begin to question what the items are and how and why they ended up on our coastline.
Liese says “My aim is to create something beautiful and interesting that stands alone. But I love the idea that my work encourages conversation and imagination. Each individual item has its own story as does each beach. How the beach is used, it’s position regarding tide flow and both its flotsam and jetsom is reflected in the finished piece.”
Art pieces are inspired by and sourced from local beaches including Portishead, Weston and Clevedon beaches.
Paper Size: 50 x 50cm. 
Larger sizes available on request.

Print process
This is a Giclée fine art print.  Giclée printing uses a dozen fade resistant pigment-based inks resulting in vibrant and beautifully matt images which have a lifespan of over 100 years.  Prints are printed on a 205g high quality paper, with a plain border of paper around the image ready to frame.

We can arrange framing if you wish in our white wooden frames for £40.00 per print. Alternatively you can frame these
prints yourself using widely available
50x50cm frames.

How to order
Email or phone us with your order and to arrange payment.  These prints are printed
to order so please allow at least ten
working days before you collect and a little more if you want us to post them to you. 

Post and Packaging
Print only for collection- supplied with a card backing and cellophane wrap.
Print only for posting – packed in a sturdy cardboard tube and posted to UK addresses
at an additional cost of £7.00.

Framed prints are for collection only as we cannot post glass.

Tidewrack Black Print – 50x50cm    £69     Framed print £109
Tidewrack Brown Print – 50x50cm   £69     Framed print £109
Tidewrack White Print – 50x50cm    £69     Framed print £109
Tidewrack Multi Print – 50x50cm    £69     Framed print £109       

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